A Kiss of Shadows

By Laurell K. Hamilton

Place: Publisher, Year: New York : Ballantine Books, 2000 & 2006

Genres: Fantasy, contemporary fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, mystery, occult fiction, erotic fiction, horror

Series: Meredith Gentry series ; 1

ISBN: 0345490657, 0345423402

Intended audience: Adult

Number of pages: 435

Setting: Los Angeles, CA and the Unseelie Court at Cahokia, IL

Time period: Contemporary

Plot Summary: Meridith Gentry, or Merry, is a sidhe princess posing as a human and hiding in Los Angeles.  She works as a private investigator for the Grey Detective Agency which specializes in magical and supernatural cases.  Merry is hiding from her relatives in both the Seelie and Unseelie courts.  Even though she is sidhe, her powers have not yet come to her, which makes it very dangerous for her to live at home in the Unseelie court where she is challenged to duels regularly.  In the past, Queen Andais, Merry’s aunt, made it clear that she was not concerned enough about Merry’s well being to provide her any extra protection, so Merry ran away.  However, when Merry becomes involved in the agency’s latest case, Merry’s cover is blown and before she can run again,she finds herself being brought back to Cahokia where she must confront her aunt and her other sidhe relatives.

Appeal Factors:

Pacing: Fast paced throughout the whole book; Merry moves between both physical dangers and erotic adventures in a manner which will keep readers turning pages quickly.

Characterization: Told in first person through Merry’s eyes.  There are many interesting and memorable secondary characters, but readers only get to know Merry.

Frame: The darkness associated with the Unseelie Court finds its way even into sunny southern CA.

Story Line: A highly entertaining story with erotic sex scenes, political intrigue, and both fantastic and mysterious elements.

Subject Headings:

From PCPL:
Women private investigators — Fiction.
Fairies — Fiction.
Fantasy fiction.
Gentry, Meredith (Fictitious character) — Fiction

Similar Authors: From NoveList Recommended Reads: Adult- Fantasy- Faerie Land
A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows by Mercedes Lackey
Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn
The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue

Personal Notes: [Annotated 1/7/09]

Other (themes, diversity): Diversity – female leaders

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