Bone Dance: a Fantasy for Technophiles

By Emma Bull

Place: Publisher & Year: Orb Books: New York, 2009, c1991

Genres: Fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, mythic fiction

ISBN: 9780765321732

Intended audience: Adult

Number of pages: 315

Setting: The City (formerly the Twin Cities, MN)

Time period: A post- Armageddon future

Plot summary: In the post-Bang world, Sparrow makes a living by dealing with delicate, fragile, and hard to find collectables – video tapes and CDs.  Sparrow knows how the deal works – nothing is free in the City.  Ever.  There’s a slim to nil chance that Sparrow will find the item the client requested next, but hey, one can look.  If there was a Horsemen movie, though, Sparrow would have found it by now.  But after a night of celebration, Sparrow has deeper concerns – too many of them – starting with Sparrow’s own blackouts and memory gaps. Continue reading



By Tamora Pierce

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Random House, 2006

Genres: Fantasy, mystery, paranormal

Series: Beka Cooper trilogy; 1

ISBN: 9780375814686

Intended audience: Young adult

Number of pages: 581

Setting: City of Corus, Tortall

Time period: 246 H.E. (medieval)

Plot summary: Sixteen year old Beka Cooper has just begun her training with the Provost Guard, or Dogs.  Having survived her first eight years of life in the Cesspool of the Lower City, she feels right at home patrolling the neighborhood – the worst part of all Corus.  As a Puppy, Beka’s Dogs try to keep her out of danger, even if they’re not happy about having a Puppy hound them, but in the Lower City this isn’t always possible.  Beka’s Dogs soon discover, though that Beka has access to information which they don’t for Beka has a special gift in addition to her tenacity.  Beka can hear voices of the dead as they ride with the pigeons and get caught up in the neighborhood dust spinners.  With Beka’s talents, her Dogs’ combined experiences, and the help of some friends, they might be able to stop the rash of killings and kidnappings which have been plaguing the Lower City of late. Continue reading


By Neil Gaiman

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Avon Books, 1998, c1997

Genres: Fantasy, contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, mythic fiction, horror

ISBN: 9780380789016

Intended audience: Adult

Number of pages: 370

Setting: London, England

Time period: mid 1990s

Plot summary: When Richard Mayhew stops to help a bleeding girl one night, his life takes a turn for the worse.  He soon finds himself an outcast to the world he has always known.  Worse yet, his life has been threatened and there is no place he can go for help except into the strange and terrifying underworld known as London Below. Continue reading

Seduced by Moonlight

By Laurell K. Hamilton

Place: Publisher, Year: New York: Ballantine Books, 2004

Genres: Fantasy, contemporary fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, horror, mystery, occult fiction, erotic fiction

Series: Meredith Gentry series ; 3

ISBN: 034544356X

Intended audience: Adult

Number of pages: 372

Setting: Los Angeles, CA and the Unseelie Court at Cahokia

Time period: Contemporary

Plot summary: As Merry readies herself for a visit to the Unseelie Court, she must renegotiate with her allies for continued protection.  This becomes a complex process given that she seems to have gained new powers from her encounter with the Nameless (in A Caress of Twilight).  Meanwhile, there are still attempts on her life, and she is still trying to become pregnant. Continue reading