American Gods

By Neil Gaiman

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: HarperTorch, c2001.

Genres: Fantasy, contemporary fantasy, mythic fiction

ISBN: 9780380789030

Audience: Adult

Number of pages: 592

Setting: USA – Eagle Point, Indiana;  Chicago & Cairo, Illinois; House on the Rock & Lakeside, Wisconsin; South Dakota; Lebanon, Kansas; Virginia; Lookout Mountain/ Rock City, Georgia; Fort Pierce, Florida; and many points inbetween.

Time period: Contemporary

Plot summary: A storm is coming. Shadow is let out of prison a few days early because his wife was killed in an accident.  On his journey home, Shadow meets Wednesday, who knows more about Shadow than which Shadow is comfortable.  A storm is coming and Wednesday needs Shadow’s help.  Shadow has been having strange dreams as his life has been turned upside down.   A storm is coming and it’s heading for Shadow. Continue reading


Silver Borne

By Patricia Briggs

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Ace Books, 2008

Genres: Fantasy, contemporary fantasy, paranormal, mystery, paranormal mystery

Series: Mercy Thompson; 5

ISBN: 9780441018192

Intended audience: Adult

Number of pages: 342

Setting: Tri-cities (Richland, Kennewick, & Pasco), WA

Time period: Contemporary

Plot summary: Mercy is still adjusting to pack life; this is made more difficult by the fact that there are pack members who resent her becoming pack.  Additionally, she has a magical book that needs to be returned to its owner, but he can’t be found.  She also has a roommate who is in desperate need of her help and attention. Continue reading

Daughter of Lir

By Judith Tarr

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Forge, 2001

Genres: Fantasy, historical fantasy, historical fiction

Series: Epona; 3

ISBN: 9780312876166

Audience: Adult

Number of pages: 415

Setting: City of Lir, Village of Long Ford, World’s End, Sea of Grass (open steppe)

Time period: Prehistory – Neolithic time period

Plot summary: When Rhian is born to the Mother in the City of Lir, there are some priestesses who want to kill her immediately.  The portents reveal a time of destruction and evil associated with her.  Rhian escapes an early death and grows up in a small village outside of the city, listening to what the wind tells her.  When the priestesses make their rounds, choosing young women to come to the temple, they disregard Rhian and her innate abilities.  It is then that Rhian chooses a different path for herself and the White Mare chooses her.  Rhian soon finds herself on a journey to the east to meet The People of the Wind, who are travelling west and conquering all of the people whom they encounter. Continue reading

The Keeper of Lost Causes

By Jussi Adler-Olsen; translated by Lisa Hartford

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Dutton, 2011

Genres: Mystery, police procedural, Scandinavian noir, suspense, thriller, crime thriller

Series: Department Q; 1

ISBN: 9780525952480

Audience: Adult

Number of pages: 396

Setting: Copenhagen, Denmark

Time period: Contemporary

Plot summary: Carl Mørck used to be one of Copenhagen’s best homicide detectives, until two of his team members were shot while he was with them.  Carl never even drew his weapon and now he is ridden with guilt and even more surly than he used to be.  A promotion was the last thing he expected, but it was the easiest way for the department heads to get him out of everyone’s presence.  Hidden in the basement, Carl figures he’ll spend the rest of his career sleeping and surfing the internet, until one of the cold cases he’s now in charge of actually peaks his interest. Continue reading