October is a Great Month for Nordic Noir

Often I will put books on hold with the library and they all tend to come in at once – or in a very short time period.  This is what is happening right now.  I’ve had many items on hold for months which have started to arrive.  First I got Phantom by Jo Nesbø.  I was thrilled to read another Harry Hole story, but I was very disappointed with the ending.

A couple of days after Phatom arrived, The Absent One by Jussi Adler-Olsen showed up.  It’s funny how dissimilar these two books are, in spite of both involving police, being set somewhat geographically close to one another, and being very fast reads.  I knew when I started Phantom that I was in for some serious story.  Harry Hole is an intensely serious character and continues to remain ultra-driven even though he is no longer a police officer.  Of course he has to since – Oleg is in trouble.  Oleg is Rakel’s son and under other circumstances would be Harry’s son, or step-son.  Oleg has become a junkie and is accused of killing another junkie, so Harry has come back to Oslo from Bangkok  to investigate Oleg’s case. Continue reading


Bless Me, Ultima

By Rudolfo Anaya

It’s been three weeks since I’ve returned from a visit to NYC on a not fun plane trip and a really long time since I’ve posted here.

And I read most of this book on this excruciating journey.  The woman who was sitting next to me joked about me finishing the book before we even took off.  (We were on the tarmac for just under three hours before we given clearance to take off).  I did not finish it before leaving NY, but I did finish before I arrived back home in Tucson.

I was a great book to have on hand on the airplane and airport.  It was moderately paced, which was perfect for my needs.  If it had been fast paced, I probably would have finished it before taking off and then I would have been stuck with the in-flight magazine.  If it had been slower, I probably would have lost interest and been stuck with the in-flight magazine.  Continue reading