It’s been awhile

I’ve been busy with life.  Too busy to write about books I’ve been reading.  I’ve been busy finding and buying my first house, moving, (all while pregnant and working full time), giving birth, and raising my son.  He’s a beautiful boy.

And while I’ve been busy with all of this, I’ve still been reading.  Just not writing. Hopefully this will change over time and I might start posting more frequently…. or not.  Continue reading


Procrastination 2013

Happy Belated New Year!

I started writing this a couple of weeks ago to post in mid-January – and it had been a while since I had finished the books then….  Some parts of my life just feel as though I am wading through quickly drying mud.  A couple of weeks ago, I was going to title this posting as un-commonalities.  I like procrastination better because it’s actually a word.

What do Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow, Cleopatra: a Life by Stacy Schiff, Fair Game by Patricia Briggs, and Alien Proliferation by Gini Koch have in common? Not much – as far as I can tell. Continue reading


By Patricia Briggs

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Ace Books, 2010, 1993

Recently at work, I was checking in books and this book passed through my hands.  I am mostly familiar with Briggs’s more recent Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega series – both of which I love.  I did read Dragon Blood a little while ago and enjoyed it quite a bit.  (I didn’t even realize that it was the 2nd book of two until I partway through it.  Dragon Bones is the first.)  So I decided to try Masques.  I’m glad I did.  Written early in Briggs’s career, she explains in “The Introduction” how the reprint came about and how she was able to rewrite the book. Continue reading

Some Kind of Fairy Tale

By Graham Joyce

Personal notes:  I may have found a new favorite author with this book.  I loved the gritty feel that this story has – the feel of this story is how I picture Tara’s description of viewing this reality after being away.  I loved the characters – especially Ritchie.  (Who doesn’t love a musician?)  I also loved reading the various characters’ perspectives.  And I do still wonder who the narrator of the story is.  I also loved how Jack’s learning story is deeply embedded within the larger story and how nothing is explained.  How can one truly explain the other?  Let’s just leave it at not allowing strangers to pick cherry blossoms from one’s trees. Continue reading


By Tamora Pierce

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Random House, 2011

Genres: Fantasy, mystery, paranormal

Series: Beka Cooper; 3

ISBN: 9780375814709

Audience: Young adult

Number of pages: 593

Setting: Kingdom of Tortall

Time period: 249 H.E. (medieval)

Plot summary: Beka Cooper and her partner, Mattias Tunstall, are summoned to a hunt by their Lord Gershom in the middle of the night.  Beka and her scent hound, Achoo, along with Tunstall, Lord Gershom, Pounce, and a mage named Farmer Cape, travel to the Summer Palace where they discover a royal kidnapping has occurred and the kidnappers had inside help.  It’s up to Beka and her colleagues to track down Prince Gareth, who has been sold into slavery, and return him safely to the king and queen. Continue reading

River Marked

By Patricia Briggs; narrated by Lorelei King

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Penguin Audio, 2011

Genres: Fantasy, contemporary fantasy, paranormal, mystery, paranormal mystery, mythic fiction

Series: Mercy Thompson; 6

Format: Audiobook – MP3

ISBN: 9781101436547

Audience: Adult

Length: 8 hours, 54 minutes

Setting: Columbia River Gorge – OR & WA,  Tri-cities (Richland, Kennewick, & Pasco), WA

Time period: Contemporary

Plot summary: Mercy and Adam finally get to spend some alone time together for their honeymoon.  No vampires, no other werewolves – it’s just the two of them camping along the Columbia River.  However, Mercy’s connection to coyotes and Coyote, means that chaos will find her.  This time chaos takes the form of a monster that lives in the river. Continue reading

American Gods

By Neil Gaiman

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: HarperTorch, c2001.

Genres: Fantasy, contemporary fantasy, mythic fiction

ISBN: 9780380789030

Audience: Adult

Number of pages: 592

Setting: USA – Eagle Point, Indiana;  Chicago & Cairo, Illinois; House on the Rock & Lakeside, Wisconsin; South Dakota; Lebanon, Kansas; Virginia; Lookout Mountain/ Rock City, Georgia; Fort Pierce, Florida; and many points inbetween.

Time period: Contemporary

Plot summary: A storm is coming. Shadow is let out of prison a few days early because his wife was killed in an accident.  On his journey home, Shadow meets Wednesday, who knows more about Shadow than which Shadow is comfortable.  A storm is coming and Wednesday needs Shadow’s help.  Shadow has been having strange dreams as his life has been turned upside down.   A storm is coming and it’s heading for Shadow. Continue reading