by Will Shetterly

Place: Publisher & Year: Orlando: Magic Carpet Books, 2004

Genres: Fantasy, faerie tale, punk fantasy, urban fantasy

Series: Sequel to Elsewhere, part of the Borderlands series edited by Terri Windling

ISBN: 9780152052102

Intended audience: Young adult

Number of pages: 226

Setting: Bordertown- the city which acts as a gateway between the realms of Faerie and the World

Time period: Present day

Plot summary: When Ron was cursed by an elf named Leda, he gained a new identity- Wolfboy, aka Lobo.  For the most part, it’s much cooler than his older identities as Just Ron or Gone, except that his vocal chords have changed and he can no longer talk.  This makes it difficult to explain to elves, halfies, and humans alike that he has no wish to harm them and he is only laughing, not growling.  But at least he can still write and his new heightened senses give him greater chances of success in keeping his friends safe from the powerful forces of Elfland which seek to cause strife in Bordertown. Continue reading