Something new

So, I haven’t been posting to this blog recently – I just haven’t had time lately…

However, I did post a few days ago to the Ravenous Reader Blog which my library runs.  My post was called Horror in the Woods, which refers to a book I read recently, not the branch where I work.  Unfortunately due to a scheduling error, my post was only up for about 24 hours (on the main page of the catalog).  But in that 24 hours, the book – The Ritual by Adam Nevill – went from having 2 available copies to having 25 holds.  Pretty good for 1 day.  And pretty good for a first time post to that blog.  I’ll probably post again there at some point in the future, when I read the right book.  I wanted to post that particular title there, not just because I liked the book, but also because I don’t see much horror fiction posted to that blog.  Mystery and crime fiction,  yes, but not much horror.  And while I don’t feel like I read a ton of horror, I do definitely appreciate a good scary story every once in a while.


The Shining

By Stephen King

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Pocket Books, c 1977, 2001

Genre: Horror

ISBN: 9781439570616

Audience: Adult

Number of pages: 683

Settings: The Overlook Hotel & Boulder, CO, Stovington, VT, St. Petersburg, FL

Time period: Late 1970s

Plot summary: Jack Torrance has made mistakes in life – most recently, losing his job at an elite New England prep school.  As a result, he is determined to take the job he is offered as a winter caretaker at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado.  It will be a new start for his family and the job should give him time to finish writing the play he started.  Unfortunately, the hotel is haunted and Jack’s five year old son, Danny, knows it.  Danny has “the shine” and knows things that others do not. Continue reading

The Walking Dead Book One

By Robert Kirkman – creator, writer, letter, Tony Moore – penciler, inker, gray tones, Charlie Adlard – penciler, inker, Cliff Rathburn – gray tones

Place: Publisher & Year: Berkeley, CA: Image Comics, Inc., 2010

Genre: Horror

Format: Graphic novel

Series: The Walking Dead

ISBN: 9781582406190

Audience: Adult

Number of pages: Unpaginated

Setting: Kentucky, Atlanta, GA and surrounding rural areas

Time period: Contemporary

Plot summary: Small town police officer, Rick Grimes, awakens from a coma to find his world turned upside down.  Before he can even leave the hospital, he encounters his first walking dead person.  As he seeks both safety and his family, he encounters many of the walking dead as well as a few live people. Continue reading


By Cherie Priest

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Tor, 2009

Genres: Fantasy, steampunk, horror, science fiction, adventure

ISBN: 9780765318411

Intended audience: Adult

Number of pages: 416

Setting: Seattle, WA

Time period: 1880

Plot summary: In an alternate history, the Klondike gold rush began a few decades earlier and brought huge numbers of people to Seattle.  Commissioned by the Russians, Leviticus Blue built a giant drill capable of penetrating the thick Klondike ice to reach the gold below.  However, when Levi takes his Incredible Bone Shaking Drill Engine for a test run in Seattle, it has dire consequences.  Not only does the Boneshaker cause massive structural damage to the city of Seattle, it also releases a poisonous gas, later named The Blight, which causes people who breathe it to turn into zombies, or rotters.

Sixteen years later, Levi’s widow, Briar Wilkes lives in the Outskirts of Seattle, which is now surrounded by a thick, massive wall to keep both the Blight and rotters inside.  When Briar’s teenage son, Zeke, decides that he wants to try and clear his father’s name for the history records, he ventures inside the walled city.  When Briar discovers where her missing son went, she also ventures inside the wall to try and find her son. Continue reading

The Sandman: Season of Mists

By Neil Gaiman

Illustrators: Kelley Jones, Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Matt Wagner, Dick Giordano, George Pratt, P. Craig Russell, illustrators; Todd Klein, letterer; Steve Oliff, Daniel Vozzo, colorists; Dave McKean, covers

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: DC Comics, 1992, 1994

Genres: Fantasy, dark fantasy, contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy, mythic fiction, adventure, horror

Format: Graphic novel

Series: The Sandman series; 4

ISBN: 9781563890413

Intended audience: Adult

Number of pages: 224

Settings: The Heart of Dreaming, Hell, and other various locations

Time period: contemporary to when written (1990)

Plot summary: The story begins when Dream’s brother, Destiny, receives a visit from the Grey Ladies, which prompts him to call a family meeting.  Once the family has gathered, events occur which cause Dream to reconsider his treatment to his former love, Nada.  He realizes that he has done her wrong and must travel to Hell to try and make things right.  He is not anxious to make the trip based upon his last visit there, but resigns himself to go.  Instead of  meeting conflict upon his entrance to Hell, however, Morpheus finds something entirely unexpected. Continue reading

The Sandman: Dream Country

By Neil Gaiman

Illustrators: Kelly Jones, Charles Vess, Colleen Doran, & Malcom Jones III, illustrators; Dave McKean, covers  and design

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: DC Comics, 1995, 1991

Genres: Fantasy, dark fantasy, contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy, mythic fiction, adventure, horror

Format: Graphic novel

Series: The Sandman series; 3

ISBN: 9781563890161

Intended audience: adult

Number of pages: 113  (plus a 39 p. script of Calliope with a 2.5 p. introduction)

Settings: Many locations including London and rural England

Time period: Three out of the four stories take place in the mid-late 80’s.  One story- A Midsummer Night’s Dream– is set in 1593 in rural England.

Plot summary: Following an introduction by Steve Erikson, Dream Country consists of four separate stories: Calliope, A Dream of a Thousand Cats, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Facade.  These stories are then followed by an edited script for Calliope, so interested readers can see some of the processes involved with writing for this comic.  Morpheus has a very small role in the first three stories and is missing altogether from the last.  Facade features Dream’s sister Death. Continue reading

The Sandman: The Doll’s House

By Neil Gaiman

Illustrators: Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Chris Bachalo, Michael Zulli, & Steve Parkhouse, illustrators; Todd Klein & John Costanza, letterers; Robbie Busch, colorist; Dave McKean, covers  and design

Place: Publisher & Year: New York, NY : DC Comics, 1995

Genres: Fantasy, dark fantasy, contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy, mythic fiction, adventure, horror

Format: Graphic novel

Series: The Sandman series; 2

ISBN: 9780930289591

Intended audience: adult

Number of pages: 232

Settings: Various dream worlds and locations in the US and England, including a convention for serial killers.

Time period: 1989

Plot Summary: Following a delightful introduction by Clive Barker, the reader is reminded or learns for the first time (through text) what occurred in the previous story.

After regaining his powers and realm after more than seventy years have passed, Morpheus has his servant, Matthew, take a census of the dream realms and discover a handful of missing entities – some of which should not be free to roam.  Morpheus also becomes aware of the first vortex of the era – a young woman named Rose Walker.  Morpheus has Matthew watch Rose, as she poses a great danger to the dreaming realms. As Morpheus seeks his other missing servants, he finds his path intertwined with Rose’s and her family’s.  He also must deal with members of his own immortal family. Continue reading