Before I Go to Sleep

By S.J. Watson

Place: Publisher & Year:

Genres: Suspense, psychological suspense, mystery

ISBN: 9780062060556

Audience: Adult

Number of pages: 359

Setting: England – London area

Time period: Contemporary

Plot summary: Christine Lucas suffers from a rare form of amnesia where she can build memories throughout the day, but then forgets everything she’s learned when she goes to sleep.  She wakes each day thinking that she is about twenty years younger than she actually is and must rely upon her husband, Ben, to tell her about her life every day.  When her doctor recommends that she keep a journal to try and help her memory, she discovers that her husband has been telling her lies. Continue reading


Shutter Island

By Dennis Lehane

Place: Publisher & Year: New York: Harper, c2003, 2009

Genres: Suspense, psychological suspense, mystery, historical fiction

ISBN: 9780061703526

Intended audience: Adult

Number of pages: 369 (385 including excerpts from other works)

Setting: Shutter Island, MA (off the coast from Boston)

Time period: 1954

Plot summary: In 1954, US Marshal, Teddy Daniels, and his partner, Chuck, are summoned to Shutter Island to find a missing patient.  Located on the Atlantic Coast near Boston, the island houses a mental institution for the criminally insane.  Somehow one of the patients, Rachael Solando, managed to escape barefoot from a locked room and disappear.  While Teddy and Chuck begin their investigation a hurricane blows in, isolating the island and its inhabitants from the rest of the world.  As the marshals work to reveal the secrets of the island, they increase their risk of never leaving.   Nothing is what it seems on Shutter Island – except the nightmares. Continue reading