Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome Volume 1

By  Chuck D and Adam Wallenta

Illustrators: Adam Wallenta with Peov, Komikers Studios and Michael Bianco

Place: Publisher & Year: Naugatuck: American Mule Entertainment, 2009

Genres: Adventure; science fiction; mystery

Format: Graphic novel

ISBNs: 0967390893, 9780967390895

Intended audience: Public Enemy fans – adults and young adults

Number of pages: unpaginated

Setting: Greater NY metropolitan area – including secret government facilities

Time period: early 21st century

Plot summary: While Chuck D gives a lecture to college students, members of Public Enemy and the S1Ws are fighting terrorists with plans to blow up the White House.  Meanwhile, Vincent, a thirteen year old boy from the ghetto has become the subject of scientific experimentation by a secret organization – New World Order.  Vincent escapes his tormentors through the Underground Railroad, but when he goes to a PE concert one night, his past catches up with him quickly. Continue reading