By Ben Bo

Place: Publisher & Year: Minneapolis: Lerner Sports, 2000

Genres: General fiction, adventure, paranormal

ISBN: 9780822533085

Intended audience: Young adult

Number of pages: 159 (161 including Editor’s Note)

Setting: Mulligan, Ireland (County Sligo) and Storm Island, Florida (near Cape Canaveral)

Time period: Contemporary

Plot summary: Jonah Ebbers has one good thing in his life – the surf at Craxkull Point.  This is where he heads when he needs to get away from his alcoholic father, the kids at school, and the voices in his head.  When he is in the water, riding a wave, he is at peace with the world.  Unfortunately, he can’t surf forever.  The strange voice and girlish apparition he can almost see at times is disturbing him more frequently, on top of his father making a fool of himself at the tavern and spending all of their money on alcohol.  Jonah wants a normal life with a future worth looking forward to, but he will have to examine his past to find it. Continue reading